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New fear: Shortage of pickups
Cars and other vehicles

New fear: Shortage of pickups 

No-interest, seven-year loans did the job.

Maybe even a little too well.

Now, some dealers who worried in March about business evaporating instead fear they’ll run out of the pickups their customers are clamoring for.

Maroone: Very dry pipeline

“The pipeline is very dry,” said Mike Maroone, CEO of Maroone USA, which operates five stores in Colorado and one in Florida. Maroone’s stores have only a 30-day supply of their top-selling Chevrolet Silverado.

“That is a problem for us,” he said.

Pickup inventory at General Motors dealerships was already slimmer than usual in the aftermath of the 40-day UAW strike last fall, but Ram dealers also are feeling inventory pressure. GM and Ram have been particularly aggressive with incentives since the coronavirus crisis began.

With North American auto plants closed since mid-March to protect workers from contracting COVID-19, the most sought-after vehicles have become tough to find. Some dealers say they are starting to run short on full-size pickups as a result of the generous financing offers rolled out as the coronavirus pandemic torpedoed the economy.

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