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3 Ways to Thank a Teacher from a Distance!
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3 Ways to Thank a Teacher from a Distance! 

The popular saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder” was never more true! With an extended period of at-home learning, many parents and students are more appreciative and grateful than ever for the teachers in their lives. Many parent organizations and families would have spent next week thanking the educators in their lives in person – but that doesn’t mean you can’t share your appreciation virtually! Here are three ideas to help you give your teachers a virtual high-five in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. 

Get your art on 

We’ve talked to many teachers through the year, and the most meaningful gifts they’ve received aren’t gift cards, personalized mugs or sweetly-scented candles. They love a heartfelt note or handmade treasure more than anything else. So why not take a few minutes to create a piece of artwork for your teacher – color in a spring flower or heart, make your own thank you note, cover your driveway with chalk art or finger paint the afternoon away. Then snap a photo of your creation and email it straight to their inbox – or drop it in the mail! 

Put on a show 

What better way to show your thanks than to say it out loud! Record a video for your favorite teacher letting them know how you feel about them. Make it your own by creating a performance just for them – whether your kid is a dancer, singer or stand-up comedian in training, their teacher will love seeing their personality shine. Consider reaching out to other parents to collect and compile a whole-class video montage that the teacher will be sure to treasure! 

And while you’re at it… Submit your video to ClassTag’s School’s Got Talent online talent show, and your teacher and school could win a prize of $10,000 or moreWhat a way to say THANKS! 

Send a virtual pick-me-up 

If you’d like to give your teachers a little something extra, it’s easier than ever to send a a virtual gift card! Whether your teacher loves coffee, books, yoga or classroom supplies, you can find a gift card that will let them have a pickmeup of their choosing delivered to the comfort of their own home! Or, send them credits for somewhere they can look forward to shopping after shelter in place is over. Most important — don’t forget to include a personalized note of thanks. 

We hope these ideas help you find your own way to make Teacher Appreciation Day special for the teachers in your life, even when you can’t deliver them in person. For more Teacher Appreciation ideas, check out our Top 5 Teacher Appreciation Ideas! 

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