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Educational Toy Recommendations From a Special Needs Educator
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Educational Toy Recommendations From a Special Needs Educator 

As a special educator for grades K-5, I know how important it is to have a variety of tools in my toolbox in order to reach each of my unique learners.  Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder sometimes require us to dig really deep into that toolbox to find ways to engage and motivate them in their learning.  These great tools are sure to reach even your most challenging learners!

Super Selves Reward Capes

Often times, students with Autism need to be explicitly taught ways to interact appropriately with peers as well as ways to regulate and deal with big feeling and emotions.  These capes could be a great motivator, reward, or teaching tool when focusing on practicing skills such as flexible thinking, social awareness, or simply following directions at school.

Super Selves Reward Capes

Tri Grip Tongs

So many of our littlest learners struggle with fine motor skills such as appropriate pencil grasp.  These specially designed tongs help students to work on correct pencil grasp, muscle strength, and precision.  Tongs can be integrated in fine motor morning tubs, counting practice, or sorting work depending on your students’ educational goals.

About Time! Small Group Activity Set

Students with Autism benefit from hands on materials that they can use to explore academic content.  This set has many ways to practice telling time in one package.  Students can manipulate the hour and minute hand on the small student clocks in order to explore concepts of time.  They can use the included time dice in order to practice turn taking and social interaction while showing various times on their clocks.  The variety of options is sure to keep your kiddos engaged and motivated!

Time Tracker 2.0 Classroom Timer

Clear expectations and boundaries are essential when working with students with Autism.  The time tracker 2.0 is great tool to allow students to visually see how much time they have left to complete an assignment or to engage with an earned reward.  The color changing feature allows students to anticipate a change in schedule and work on self-monitoring and regulation skills!

Fraction Tower Cubes – Equivalency Set

Understanding fraction equivalency is tough!  This tool helps to model a tricky concept in a concrete and tangible way.  Students are able to manipulate the various fraction cubes in order to explore equivalency.  The addition of fractions, decimals, and percentages makes these a tool that can be used time and time again to make connections and build upon previously learned skills.

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