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Free Coding Fun with Botley 2.0: Black-Line Adventures!
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Free Coding Fun with Botley 2.0: Black-Line Adventures! 

With more features, more coding, and more fun, Botley 2.0 comes with everything your little ones need to begin their screen-free coding journey. After they’ve mastered their coding basics with Botley’s included activities and accessory set, they can discover even more fun ways to code with our free set of exclusive online coding activities. In this post, we’ve got three cool activities that make use of Botley’s black-line following skills!


Using black electrical tape, make a track for Botley. Be sure it’s on a hard smooth surface that won’t be damaged by the tape. Once your track is finished, see how many laps Botley can make!

Egg on a Spoon

On a large sheet of white paper, make a squiggly track with a thick black marker. Then, snap on Botley’s face mask and arms, and put Botley in LINE mode. Place the ball on Botley’s hand. See if Botley can keep the “egg” from dropping while zig-zagging along the line.

Botley 500

On a large sheet of paper, print out this Botley race track. Then, see how long Botley can push the ball along the track.

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