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Learning ABCs Just Got Sweeter! 

Slip in some learning ABC games alongside the love this Valentine’s Day, with ABC Party Cupcake Toppers from Learning Resources! This sweet, award-winning set includes six colorful pretend play cupcakes with slots on top and storage inside, 26 double-sided letter toppers, and 26 picture toppers for scrum-dili-icious learning and fun! Designed to guide your sweet-toothed sweetie from letter names and sounds to simple spelling, there are so many ways to play, like:

1. Learn Your Letters

Place series of letters (experts recommend teaching the letters S, A, T, I, P, and, N first) on top of the cupcakes and ask your child to find a specific letter. Give them a broad hint, if need be, by telling them whether that cupcake has chocolate or vanilla frosting or give a more specific hint by sharing the color of the frosting with that letter on top.

2. Learn Letter Sounds

Place a picture topper inside a cupcake and slot the letter topper with the first letter of that word on top. Ask your child to identify the letter, then ask what sound it makes. Pop the cupcake open to see the object starting with that sound. Or switch it up by placing the picture topper on top and asking what letter or sound it starts with.

3. Spell It

Several of the picture toppers feature objects spelled with just three letters. Choose one of these simple, sound-it-out words, and place it inside the cupcake. Then use the letter toppers to spell the word on top of the cupcake. Help your child sound it out, then open the cupcake to check their work!

4. Alpha Order

Place the toppers with the first six letters in the alphabet on top of the cupcakes and shuffle them around. Ask your child to put them in alphabetical order, singing the Alphabet Song for support. Continue with the rest of the alphabet, then pick letters at random for an extra sticky challenge.

After practicing with the ABC Party Cupcake Toppers, surprise your sweetie with a real cupcake making session! Cupcakes make the perfect Valentine’s Day treat and this year your kids can help, because we’re sharing some of our favorite, kid-friendly cupcake ideas to make together on February 14. Once your cupcakes are baked and cooled…

Mix! Start with vanilla frosting (homemade or store-bought), drip a few drops of food coloring, and let your little one mix it up.

Dip! Once your cupcakes are cool and frosted, let your kids dip them into bowls of sprinkles and candy hearts.

Top! Kids can place Valentine’s candies on top of the cupcakes at random or make patterns like Xs, Os, and hearts.

Make a Monster! Make a mushy Valentine’s monster cupcake using marshmallows or M&Ms for eyes, and pretzel sticks for antennae.

And don’t forget to practice! Practice your letters while you bake by asking your child what letter makes the sound “mmm” like monster or “kuh” like cupcake! Learning Resources’ ABC Party Cupcake Toppers make the perfect Valentine’s surprise for your sweetie – place your order today!

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