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Welcome to the Middle Grades!
Elementary school pupils running outside together

Welcome to the Middle Grades! 

Since 1996, we’ve been providing resources for teachers, school leaders, parents and others interested in the success of young adolescents. In June of 2012, we launched a new version of our website around five streams of original content: ResourcesBloggersGuest ArticlesBook Reviews and (occasionally) Interviews.

What We Believe

✻ Teachers listen to teachers.
✻ Principals listen to principals.
✻ When there’s enough credibility and trust, teachers and principals listen to each other.

Most of all: Students must be empowered to reach their full learning potential. They must own the learning.

Middleweb SmartBrief

As part of the MiddleWeb experience, we’ve formed a partnership with the SmartBrief Education news team to produce the 3-times-a-week MiddleWeb SmartBrief e-newsletter. You may be familiar with SmartBrief, the nation’s premier professional newsletter organization, which also publishes ASCD SmartBrief, Accomplished Teacher SmartBrief, SmartBrief on Ed Tech, NCLE SmartBrief, NCSS SmartBrief and other education reports.

MiddleWeb SmartBrief specializes in Grades 4-8 news and resources. We work with SmartBrief editors to shape the content and also contribute our own original resources to every issue. Subscriptions are free, your address is kept confidential, and you can unsubscribe anytime with a single click.

MiddleWeb/Routledge EOE partnership

GHG-cvr-sharp-250In 2015 we kicked off a book publishing partnership with Routledge Eye on Education, a subsidiary of the global publisher Taylor & Francis. Here are the books so far, all written by MiddleWeb contributors:

The Genius Hour Guidebook (Denise Krebs & Gallit Zvi),
History Class Revisited
 (Jody Passanisi). 
STEM By Design
 (Anne Jolly)
The Flexible ELA Classroom (Amber Chandler).
Write. Think. Learn. (Mary Tedrow)
Creating Citizens (Sarah Cooper)
Two Teachers in the Room (Elizabeth Stein)
Close Reading the Media (Frank W. Baker)
It’s a Matter of Fact (Angie Miller)
Working Hard, Working Happy (Rita Platt)

More are in the works!

Get Involved with MiddleWeb

From our earliest days we’ve viewed MiddleWeb as as community, and we’d love for you to get involved. Here are several ways you can do that.

1. Sign up for our newsletter. We’ll send occasional updates about interesting new content.

2. Pen a guest post. Share some of what you know, what you believe, what you hope for. Learn more.

3. Write book reviews. Middle grades educators want to grow professionally but they’re very busy people. Help them invest their professional reading time wisely by reviewing and summarizing worthwhile (and not-so-worthwhile) books in the field. Learn more.

4. Recruit student voices. We believe it’s important for the world to hear from students themselves. We rely on educators to help us gather student opinions and stories about their own learning. We look forward to posting selected student articles in our Guest Articles stream.

5. Comment on our content. All of our posts are open to comment. We welcome everyone who’s not a spam robot (or human equivalent) to tell us what you think! Our bloggers and article writers love to respond. Please include your name with your comment, and use a civil tone. That’s all we ask!

6. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Join a progressive middle grades community!

Affiliate Disclosure

MiddleWeb does not accept sponsored posts and does not use affiliate links. For example, our book reviews may link to a publisher’s site or to Amazon or B&N, but the links are strictly for the information of the reader. We are not compensated. Publishers provide books for review at no cost to us, but we pay for the mailing of books to reviewers and strive to assure that reviewers provide independent, uncompensated reviews and opinions.

We do accept a limited amount of display advertising for products and services of specific interest to professional educators, including advertising from publishers. This advertising is displayed in our website stories and sidebars in an obvious fashion. MiddleWeb also receives a small percentage of ad revenues produced by MiddleWeb SmartBrief, but those ad sales and placements are managed by the SmartBrief company, not MiddleWeb, and are pertinent to the education field.

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